Reasons to Invest in a Condensing Furnace

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With so many different types of furnaces available on the market, finding the right furnace for your home can get a little confusing. Today’s furnaces have also come a long way from their predecessors, offering new features not commonly found in traditional furnaces.

Condensing furnaces offer a multitude of advantages over their traditional counterparts. Here are a few reasons why such high-efficiency furnaces make a smart investment for your greater Cleveland home.

Better Efficiency

Much of the heat produced by a traditional furnace goes up the flue as waste heat. Older furnaces are only able to recover up to 70 percent of the heat energy from their fuel. So-called “mid-efficiency” furnaces with modern features like electronic ignition convert upwards to 83 percent of their fuel into usable heat.

A condensing furnace, on the other hand, uses its second heat exchanger to scavenge as much usable heat from its exhaust as possible. The end result is a furnace that converts up to 98.5 percent of its fuel into usable heat.

Better Comfort

A second heat exchanger isn’t the only advance feature a condensing furnace offers. Most condensing furnaces are also modulating furnaces that offer variable speed blower fan control and gas valves that modulate gas flow according to heating demand. These features make it easier to heat your home more evenly, eliminating cold spots and extreme temperature variations.

More Savings

Condensing furnaces may cost more than traditional gas furnaces, but the added cost is worth paying when you consider the potential for long-term savings. Since condensing furnaces use their fuel more efficiently, you’ll end up with lower heating costs throughout the year.

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