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  • SylviaBolden B

    My experience was great. I want to thank Scott for doing an excellant job.. Scott was friendly, and professional. He was on time, called when he was on his way. Scott explained to me everything in details. Problem solved. Awesome service


    If I could give additional stars for Scott Hammond I would Mr Popa he was the greatest plumbing Tech. Kind and hardworking. I would and am going to tell family and friends .Thank you.

  • Dale S

    What a great company. Needed furnace and A/C work done. Excellent work, A/C runs better than new. Furnace ran great when tested, guess we will find that out this winter. I highly recommend Geisel for all your heating and cooling issues.

  • Jill H

    Our home was built in 1926 and our heating system is a steam boiler with original cast iron radiators. We have Geisel's annual service contract and their technician does a great job servicing the system each year. Geisel also installed our whole house air conditioning system in 2007 and we have never had a problem with it. I was worried that while the first floor would be comfortable, that the second floor bedrooms might be too warm. To alleviate my worries, Geisel suggested that the thermostat be installed at the top of the stairs. Their installation was excellent. Works like magic, the bedrooms are super comfortable at night! The service contract covers the air conditioning system too. If you need any HVAC work done I highly recommend Geisel.

  • Keith J

    I had a old copper flex line that went to my gas range then through the floor to basement hookup. This was no way up to code and was done way before I moved in. I call and set up a day time to have someone come out to get a cost on fixing this issue. I was told what it would cost but must of had wire crossed he was just thinking it was just getting a estimate. He went back got everything he would need fixed my issue so I know have shut offs at the rage and basement and gave us a mind and cost was better then I was thinking it would be. I wish that I made this sooner but lost the card with his name.... Thanks Tracy Ellan just found the card :)

  • Dale D

    The beginning of July of 2019 we had a new heating and cooling system out in our house. Geisel came out in the heat of summer and installed this system. All of the guys that worked on my house worked hard and did a great job. They did everything they were suppose to do for to complete the job and more. I cant say enough on how the guys that did the work were very knowledgeable about what they were doing and made sure that everything was done right. I would recommend this company to anyone that needs heating and cooling work done. Everyone that I dealt with was very nice, clean, respectable and honest. It was very nice to have a them follow up days after the job was done just to see how everything was working and if there were any issue with the system and the install. Both things went great and the system they sold me works wonderful. I am extremely Have with the overall experience with Geisel from start to finish.

  • Lauren G

    Highly recommend!! Great service and very personable!

  • Chris W

    The team at Geisel has always served my family quickly, throughly and most importantly competently and honestly. In my opinion, you won't find a better option to take care of your home or business needs.

  • Karl H

    Geisel will take care of your heating & cooling needs. The owner is very upfront and diligent on any particular issue you may have and they will make every attempt to get your heating and cooling issues in order. I had a negative review here earlier involving more or less a issue in communication with Giesel. Upon seeing my review the owner immediately phoned us to correct the issue. This is service that you are unlikely to find elsewhere. Thank you Giesel.