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Geisel Acquires Fred's Home Services

As 2022 gets into full swing, we here at Geisel have some exciting news: we have acquired Fred's Home Services to join our family! Both of our companies are owned by the same parent company, HomeServe, and now we're combining our operations to better serve our customers and the local area.

Why the change? Well, we put a lot of thought into this decision and realized that since we offer similar services in a similar area, combining operations actually allows us to better serve our customers so the choice itself turned out to be an easy one.

Have questions? Here are some things you might be wondering about:

Who is Fred's Home Services?

Based out of Euclid, Fred's is another local heating and air conditioning company that has been serving the greater Cleveland area since 1982. Their technicians and staff are highly trained and ready to serve both their current customers and new ones. We will be maintaining the existing Fred's Euclid office as their base of operations.

How does this affect me as a Geisel customer?

If you're an existing Geisel customer, nothing will change with your current service. In fact, the addition of Fred's team only better equips us to continue serving all your heating, cooling, and plumbing needs.

How does this affect me as a Fred's customer?

If you're an existing Fred's customer - welcome to Geisel! We want to assure you that nothing will change with your service either other than the logos on our shirts and vans. We are maintaining our local office in Euclid and will continue to provide the same excellent service you've received from Fred's for years.

Does this news affect my HVAC service plan?

No. Any existing HVAC Service Plan you have with Fred’s will be carried over as is and then upon renewal you will have the option to renew to Geisel’s similar plan.

When does the change go into effect?

We're in the process of combining operations right now and the Fred's brand will officially merge into Geisel's as of 1/31/2022.

Fred’s HVAC Technicians and staff are coming over to join the Geisel team, so the next time you need HVAC service you’ll likely see a familiar face. Steve Newman, the former General Manager of Fred’s, is retiring and we wish him all the best in the next chapter of his life. John Palmisciano, Fred’s long-time Service Manager, will continue to manage the Eastside operations locally from Euclid. Geisel’s pledge to you is to provide you with the same top-notch service you’ve become accustomed to with Fred’s.

We thank both our Geisel and Fred's customers for their continued loyalty and we look forward to serving you and your families. Please feel free to contact either Fred's or Geisel with any questions you may about your service.