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Residential Gas Heating System Restoration Service

Maintenance Free Heating System?  

If you drove your car at 25 miles per hour for the same amount of time that your heating system runs every year, you would put over 75,000 miles per year on your odometer.    

Just imagine what would happen to your car if you never did basic maintenance for 75,000 miles.  Ouch!

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Regular maintenance will keep your heating system operating at its most efficient level.

Here why you should schedule a heating system tune-up NOW

•   Required by most manufacturers to keep your warranty valid
•   Ensures your piece of mind knowing things have been checked
•   Helps reduce your utility bills
•   Prevents costly repair bills when small problems are left unchecked
•   Prolongs the life of your valuable equipment
90% of breakdowns are due to the lack of regular maintenance
   You feel warmer when your system is operating as designed.

Schedule now just $89, you save 16% off the regular price of $104. Restore your unit to its original specifications.

23 Reasons To Schedule Now

Before we begin.
We review the work to be performed and answer any additional questions!

Work Done At The Furnace

Check thermostat wiring.
#2 Check thermostat operation, if applicable.
#3 Check pilot ignition sequence.
#4 Observe main burner operation.
#5 Check flue draft on natural draft furnaces.
#6 Test fan switch/heating fan relay operation.
Check primary limit operation.

#8 Cycle furnace off and record "fan on" temperature.
#9 Visually inspect heat exchanger.
#10 Check blower wheel for cleanliness.
#11 Check blower motor, if applicable oil bearings, check belt, bearings and pulleys.
#12 Check air filters. (air cleaner and/or replace filter)

#13 Check furnace temperature rise.
 Fire furnace and leak check gas line from manual safety shut off valve to main burners. 
#15 Test flue spill switch operation.
#16 Check auxiliary limit switch operation.
#17 Test draft safeguard switch operation.

#18 Perform combustion air test to insure that there is enough ventilation to replace air used for combustion.
#19 Check humidifier operation. 
#20 Cycle furnace system through a complete cycle.
#21 Perform carbon monoxide test on heating appliance
Review the restoration service results.
#23 Review any appropriate indoor air quality issues.

Save 16% by Scheduling Now!

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