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Carrier Heating Systems with ComfortHeat Technology


Buy an Energy Star furnace and get special financing rates.  See us for details. Comfort Heat technology available only from Carrier.

One of the complaints with standard furnaces or heat pumps is that you're either too warm or too cold. That's because a standard furnace warms your home with a series of full-speed-ahead blasts of warm air.

When the furnace isn't running, the temperature drops about four degrees before the next heating cycle. ComfortHeat™ Technology maintains temperatures consistently close to your desired setting and can accurately predict the need for additional heating.

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Lets look closer at the Carrier Gas ComfortHeat Family

Carrier's Infinity™ gas furnace delivers the kind of comfort that proves all furnaces are NOT created equally.

Imagine a furnace that seems to know exactly how much heating comfort you need, when you need it. That's the type of indoor comfort you can expect with this truly intelligent gas furnace. Equipped with ComfortHeat™ Technology and variable speed blower and inducer motors, the Infinity™ responds to the call for comfort by starting slowly and gently ramping up to quickly deliver heated air to your home. It maintains your comfort quietly and economically by providing a nearly continuous flow of warmth in low-capacity operation.

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Carrier's Performance 96 gas furnace provides even, consistent heating temperatures for enhanced indoor comfort during the cold, winter months. Just as the name implies, ComfortHeat™ Technology provides a more comfortable type of heating than ordinary furnaces. With two stages of heating and intelligent comfort control, the Performance 93 can deliver heated air at a more consistent level. Low-stage heating helps maintain optimum efficiency and comfort by minimizing up-and-down temperature swings as well as the hot and cold areas associated with ordinary furnaces. When additional heating is necessary at start-up or during extreme winter conditions, the smart control automatically adjusts to high-stage heating to quickly meet and maintain the comfort you deserve.

Learn More about the The Carrier Performance Two Speed Furnace


The Infinity 80 puts superior temperature and humidity control at your fingertips with intelligent electronics and variable speed operation.

Heating your home would be a simple proposition if winter weather would just stay a constant 32° all the time. Unfortunately it's not that easy. Conditions outside are always changing, making it a challenge for your comfort system to keep pace. That's the beauty of the Infinity 80 with ComfortHeat Technology and IdealHumidityTM.

Learn More about the Carrier Infinity 80 Furnace


The Performance 80 with ComfortHeat Technology takes the chill out of winter by providing a warm refuge from the extremes of nature. Winter often brings a roller coaster of conditions - cold temperatures, snow, freezing rain and wind - that can challenge your ability to stay comfortable. In an ideal world, you could combat these conditions with two furnaces - one for every day comfort, and one for more extreme needs. That's the beauty of the Performance 80 with ComfortHeat Technology. Offering two stages of heating, the Performance 80 is like getting two furnaces in one compact package that provides exceptionally even, consistent comfort throughout your home, all winter long.

Learn More about the Carrier Performance 80 Two Speed Furnace

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Lets look closer at the Carrier ComfortHeat Heat Pump

Carrier’s ComfortHeat Pump System also delivers exceptional comfort when you cool your home by controlling the humidity as well as the temperature.

The results are astounding! It can remove up to 30 times more moisture from your home than a typical cooling system, which will allow you to set the temperature in your home another four to five degrees higher.

If you live in a humid area of the country, these higher thermostat settings can save you up to an additional 10 to 15 percent on your cooling bills.


As a part of your Comfort Heat Pump System, Carrier's fan coil with our patented Comfort Heat logic delivers warmer air to your living areas while eliminating "cold blow" and drafts.Comfort Heat logic allows you to enjoy enhanced indoor weather all winter long with heating temperatures that are 15-20 degrees higher than those delivered by a standard heat pump system. During the heating season, many heat pump systems provide an uncomfortable blast of cold air when the blower kicks on. Comfort Heat ensures air is warmed before your fan turns on. The cooler air in the ductwork is then replaced with the heated air, delivering warm, comfortable air to your home at lower speeds to eliminate drafts. Then, as conditions change, Comfort Heat is designed to adjust itself to provide maximum comfort for you and your family.

Learn More about the Carrier Infinity Heat Pump Fan Coil


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