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Five Quick Steps Businesses Can Take To Conserve Energy

Every business should conduct an annual survey of their buildings mechanical system to determine opportunities to increase comfort and efficiency. A small investment could pay big dividends.

Review building control systems 
Check to see if the system uses outside air for cooling, night setbacks, and start/stop settings. It can be more efficient to bring in outside air than to spend energy—and money—making your own.

Perform preventive maintenance 
Simple tasks such as replacing filters, cleaning condensers for the rooftop systems, and cleaning tubes for chilled water systems can have a significant impact on utility charges.

Conduct an overall building tune-up 
Known as "re-commissioning," this is especially important in buildings over ten years old.

Explore system modernization 
Consider investing in more complex solutions that can provide quick paybacks such as adding free cooling, heat recovery, using variable frequency drives (similar to a dimmer switch used with lighting), and storing energy for use when rates are higher.

Consider alternative fuel options 
Use gas cooling and co-generation to provide more energy options.

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