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Computer & Telecommunications Rooms

Today's growing high tech and Internet industry demands specialized cooling for server and telecommunications equipment.

Call Geisel today for your server room environmental control!

Since the electronic equipment is the heart of the business, air conditioning of the server space is often overlooked, or left to the last minute to fit in. It's important to consider cooling the equipment as a core task of the server room design.

Geisel has developed expertise in designing and installing a variety of air conditioning equipment to suit the needs of the server room:

  • Chilled Water Systems
  • Water-cooled systems
  • Air-cooled systems
  • Dual water-source cooling
  • HVAC system integration

Most equipment manufacturers require the environment to be maintained within a relatively narrow range of temperatures and humidity levels to avoid overheating and static electricity.
Today's specialized air conditioning equipment provides:

  • Accurate temperature control
  • Humidity control
  • Alarm and status monitoring
  • Reporting and HVAC integration with local or extended networks

We can work with your IT department to assess your current and future equipment needs, and select the appropriate air conditioning.

If your server, telecom, fiber optic or other electronic equipment is critical to your business, don't rely on bargain basement cooling equipment. Let the professionals at Geisel protect your investment.

Call Andy Culberson @ 440-323-8770

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