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Common Sense Tips on Economical Pool Heating

Geisel services all brands of pool and spa heaters. We are the Authorized Pool Heater service center for:

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1. The Best Pool Temperature...
as recommended by the American Red Cross and many swimming coaches is 78° F for recreational and sports swimming.  Be certain to use an accurate pool thermometer.

2. Economical Pool Heating...
falls into the same temperature range.  A variance of four degrees from 78° F to 82° F could use an additional 40% gas.

3. A Properly Sized Pool Heater...
will raise your pool temperature approximately 1° F per hour.  A heater which is too small may increase your heating costs, by heating the pool slower and allowing great heat loss.

4. An insulating Pool Cover...
in place during pool heating will significantly reduce heat loss.  Use a cover anytime the pool is not in use to conserve heat and chemicals and to reduce dirt load on the filter.

5. Chlorine Tablets or Bromine Sticks...
should not be placed in the skimmer unless the pump is running to disperse chemicals.  Otherwise serious damage to the heater could result.

6. Chemical Balance and a Clean Filter...
are a must.  You can save unnecessary and costly service calls by a simple maintenance program.

7. Properly Adjusted "Eyeball" outlets...
will conserve heat.  Direct the moveable outlets towards the bottom of the pool for more balanced heating and reduced surface heat loss.

8. Prevent Excessive Moisture in Indoor Pool Areas...
by controlling room air temperature and movement.  Keeping the room approximately 5°-6° F above pool temperature and maintaining air movement along glass and walls will prevent condensation

9. When on Vacation for a Week or More...
turn off the pool heater including any standing pilot.

10. Because Safety is Always First...
have Geisel inspect and service your pool heater annually.  Ask about our Preventive Maintenance Programs for your pool heater.



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