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Are There New Refrigerants Available That Are Safer For The Environment?

Yes, and the most promising one is R-410A, also referred to as "Puron". Geisel offers four cooling systems (model 38TXA, 38TPA, 38TSA and 38TDB) with "Puron" because it provides high-efficiency cooling along with other substantial benefits for the environment.

What are the current governmental regulations for refrigerants?
How does this effect the equipment I might buy now?
Be friendly to your ozone
Being earth-wise can make you cool
Is Puron for you?

Get an estimate for a Carrier cooling system with Puron
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There have been many reports regarding air conditioner refrigerants and their effect on the earth’s ozone layer. Refrigerant is the cooling agent used in air conditioning systems. Most all of the air conditioner and heat pump products sold today utilize one refrigerant known as R22 which is from the family of refrigerants called HCFCs. HCFCs have been used for decades in a safe and efficient manner; but government regulation will eventually phase them out of use.

What Are The Current Governmental Regulations For Refrigerants?

The United States Congress, acting in response to an international treaty called the Montreal Protocol, provided new direction and authority to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As a result, the EPA, through the Clean Air Act, is regulating the production and use of refrigerants in air conditioning systems. These changes will eventually eliminate air conditioning refrigerants containing chlorine due to the concern about ozone depletion.

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How Does This Effect The Equipment I Might Buy Now?

EPA regulations call for the eventual phase out of R22 which is the refrigerant used in current air conditioner and heat pump equipment. Products that use HCFC refrigerants, such as R22, must stop being produced by the year 2010. All production of R22 refrigerant will stop by 2020.

Be friendly to your ozone.

New refrigerants are being developed for air conditioners because traditional refrigerants, if they accidentally escape from an aging system, can cause damage to the ozone layer of the earth's atmosphere. Scientists have associated ozone depletion with potential health risks, and many countries, including the United States, are taking steps to reverse the trend.

The culprit in traditional refrigerants (R-12 and R-22) is a chlorine atom, which reacts with ozone in the upper atmosphere and destroys it. Puron, chemically known as an HFC (hydrofluorocarbon), contains no chlorine and will not damage the ozone layer.

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Being earth-wise can make you cool.

You may already know about alternative refrigerants if you've purchased a new car since 1994. Today, cars keep you cool with a non-chlorine refrigerant known as R-134A. Carrier has decided to use Puron as the alternative refrigerant for its residential cooling products because if helps your system perform better.

Carrier's Puron air conditioner offers the same performance as R-22 units in terms of noise levels, the temperature of air coming out of the registers, and the time it takes to cool your home. In fact, the refrigerant has been on the market for several years and has undergone many hours of testing before being used in cooling equipment.

Is Puron for you?

The production of R-22 (the refrigerant used in most central air conditioners) began to be phased out in 1996, so less will be available each year — meaning the cost for repairs and recharges for R-22 units is likely to escalate. So, while the cost of an Puron unit is slightly higher than it is for a traditional R-22 unit, you'll be insuring yourself against escalating refrigerant costs. Plus, if your current air conditioner was manufactured before 1990, you could dramatically reduce the amount of energy you use (and your electric bills), thanks to the high efficiency (14 SEER) of this new unit. That adds up to a substantial payback — to your wallet and to the environment.

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