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How does a mechanical air cleaner work?
How does an electronic air cleaner work?
How effective are fiberglass filters?
What are the health benefits of clean air?
How can I improve indoor air?

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How does a Mechanical Air Cleaner work?

A: A mechanical air cleaner has a heavy-duty media filter that can trap up to 28 times as many particles as a standard fiber glass filter, including animal dander and plant spores.

Air cleaners can improve your health, keep your entire home cleaner, protect your valuable investments and save you the time and aggravation of constant dusting.

How does an Electronic Air Cleaner work

A electronic air cleaner can capture up to 95% of all airborne particles — smoke, grease, bacteria and even many viruses. An electronic model works as a sort of magnet for undesirable pollutants. An aluminum mesh filter catches most of the large particles. The smaller particles pass through an ionizing section, where they receive an electrical charge so they are attracted like magnets to grounded metal plates. The collected particles are cleaned off the plates every few months with a garden hose or by popping the filter in the dishwasher. While the process may sound complicated, electronic air cleaners only use about as much electricity as a 30-watt light bulb.

Air cleaners can improve your health, keep your entire home cleaner, protect your valuable investments and save you the time and aggravation of constant dusting.

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How effective are fiberglass filters?

If you thought air pollution was just an outdoor concern, think again. The particles you see in a beam of afternoon sunlight streaming through the window only represent about 1% of the millions of airborne contaminants in your indoor air. Most standard fiber glass furnace filters only trap about 15% of these particles, leaving the other 85% to pollute your air, your furnishings, even your lungs.


What are the health benefits of clean air ?

Allergies and asthma are two health problems that can be helped with clean indoor air. When airborne irritants are removed, allergy and asthma sufferers often find relief from their symptoms. Even healthy people who have never suffered from allergies can benefit from clean air. Dust, smoke and other particles float around in the air for limited times, then they fall out of the air. This is why drapes and furniture gather dust, and wallpaper begins to look dingy. Removing airborne dust particles reduces the amount of exposure your respiratory system is subjected to, allowing it to remain in a more healthy, strong condition.

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How can I improve the indoor air ?

One way to clean indoor air and keep the indoor air quality at a high level is with an air cleaner. An air cleaner can remove dust, smoke and other particles that settle in your house and age your furnishings. If you remove these pollutants, you also remove major cause of dirt in your home. Even though all comfort systems have an air filter, this only protects your equipment from dust and large particles. It is not designed to clean indoor air.

Air cleaners are designed to take harmful particles out of the air and improve indoor air quality and come in a variety of types and styles.

A Mechanical Air Filter removes many airborne pollutants, including dust and pollen. Media filters are effective in removing these larger particles, but they must be replaced periodically.

A Electronic Air Filter, on the other hand, remove smaller and many more airborne particles than media filters. Electronic air cleaners can even remove mold spores and most smoke. These air cleaners do not have to be replaced; they can simply be cleaned and returned to the filter case.

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